Here’s My Story

Mason Anderson

My name is Mason Anderson, and I’m a family man.

My family has always been very close, and when I was a child, my father, uncle, and grandfather would take us to Manitoba, Canada every single winter for a family trip.

At first, I thought it was horrible. It was cold, it wasn’t comfortable, and I didn’t want to be there. Basically everything a seven-year-old would think.

But then we got out on the ice. I remember the three of them sharing stories, laughter, talking about the last twenty years worth of their trips together, and making a spectacle out of it.

I just sat there with them, trying to keep warm in the enclosure.

Then I caught my first fish, and I was hooked ever since (get it?).

I looked forward to that trip every single year for the family downtime, and the element of fishing. Not too many people ice fish these days, but they should be.

I made Ice Fishing Planet to bring the sport to a new audience, talk about my experiences, and recommend the top ice fishing gear to get you on the ice as quickly as possible.

Equipment can range greatly, so it’s important to have the right knowledge to operate off of.

Here, I’m going to give you every bit of advice, every scrap of knowledge that I possibly can, and together, we can build up your new hobby.

Let’s get to it.